The Anello collaboration, established to provide edutainment, through music, for a live audience.

Connecting musically with like minded artists, while providing performance value, has given travel and touring opportunities for our collaboration, all over the world. Presenting for a wonderful wage as well.

Each week you can expect a new audio blog and musical experiment, helping you the passionate performer, get clear on how to present to an audience and experience authentic moments! 

Create Memorable Experiments + Experience Mercy Not Sacrifice

The mission is to create quality connections through music while performing with other creative and talented artists. Such as providing entertainment at live events, album release parties, supper club gatherings, private and corporate meaningful moments.

I believe that the entertainment industry must develop creative, artistic and educated minds through musical edutainment.

I learned theatre and taught drama for ten years as an ESL teacher and seen the lives that were transformed from practicing and the value of being in that moment.

Together we can build confidence to present our best possible creative artistic passionate self everyday! 

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Hi, my name is Jeff Anello.

At 6 years old I would routinely impersonate Michael Jackson in shopping malls, singing and dancing, while people gave me money.

At 19 years old I dropped out of college to start a band, which auditioned for Sony Records.

Finally graduated University with a Theatre degree and a plane ticket to Hong Kong teaching performance.

It wasn't until several years later when I started to see success in my passion of music.

Achieved multiple awards such as Best Artist of the Month and Best Hong Kong Band.

But honestly I am still the same boy who has watched the Back to the Future trilogy over 100 times.

I love to perform and I love singing.

I love smiling and laughing and listening (thats a new one, I am still working on, so have mercy) 

I love the NY Mets, Jets and Knicks and most of all....

I love Mom and the life I am given, which is far better than I deserve.

Jeff Anello

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