Have Confidence In Converting Conversations Into Contacts by Jeff Anello

Can you recall your last conversation?

                                    Can you confirm you connected?

Can you recall if it converted?

When having a conversation is it tough to compare,

comprehend and compartmentalize the struggles of the people around you

while you're continually thinking about the best way to control the topic?

It's hard to pay attention when your brain is running away with all the ideas. 

Thinking of what needs to be done, what could be done, and what you want to get done.

Let us not forget for each chat, to take a moment, listen and even try to think about the connection before you speak.


The Case of the Converting Conversations Conundrum  

A conversation is not best with pre-thought or pre-prepared answers , in fact that is not a conversation at all - seems more like a musician jam session when all the musicians who want to play do - in fact they play so well that the night becomes a “who can solo better” moment to stand out that night.

It reminds me of was the conversation with the two girls at the hostel in Venice on my trip to LA. Both are extremely talented and for good reason. In fact, through conversations, I realized it would be nice to work together. So my brain started thinking of all the ways that could happen.

Seems, however, that my conversation with them was truly realizing for the cause that it was me who needed to connect the two. It wasn't about my ideas or making the money.

it was about the connection between the two people who I listened to and responded with a confirmation of their answers to remember what they said and then realized it was the best way to connect them.

The best situation for the conversation and that contact will convert. Or it was the contact that made it worth the process of doing those 5 steps to connect contacts!

But music, just like conversations, aren't meant to be that way, one person shining or one person being heard, it's an engagement that needs to be cultivated collectively.

How can we be there active for others?

Especially when we don't know what's going on in their world or even care to know because we are too concerned with what we have going on in our heads to even help.

Most of the time we want to:

  • find a solution to a problem
  • fix it ourselves
  • know that we have accomplished a job well done

However, that isn't always the best way to deal with issues and it isn't the best way to help others deal with their issues.

Process be for or you proceed. Digest before you decide.

5 Steps + Be an Interactive Listener


1. Listen

So often we talk too much.

Decide and stop thinking of the next thing to say.


2. Respond with Confirmation   

After hearing one or two sentences of ideas respond with the clarity of conversation.

3. Stop Talking  

Wait for 3 seconds before and after you and them speak.

Also, when you end a sentence, wait.

A new thought added needs mental time to digest.  

4. Let the Conversation Convert

Learn the person we are talking to and if we like how they speak, think and even laugh about.

5. Keep in Touch (if desired) -

What is the best way to connect or make the contact continue?

Know your audience to collaborate best.

It's knowledge and that power can be used for multiple outcomes.

Outcomes that may never happen if you are only thinking about you throughout the conversation.  

That is how we should all look at conversations with an open ear and mind and be active in listening as well as responding.

When you are able to do this then it will be easy to see how conversations can convert into contacts.



Which tip will help you to become a better active listener?

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Do You Want To Avoid Self Sabotage? Experiment Win Win Situations by Jeff Anello





When you dream big, set goals, plan for progress and take action it is the ultimate Win-Win Situation you can live one moment at a time.

Winning is an important factor in evolving and allows us to set goals that give meaning to life.

This is vital because it allows people to grow confidence and develop skills that will benefit society and the human species.


Let me share with you an example of a Win-Win Situation.

After being interviewed by South China Morning Post about living with passion, I was shocked to announce many of my previous students wrote letters addressed to me about how my pursuit to do what I love and achieve my goals had inspired them to do the same.

Fear to win or succeed often stems from a past hurt connected to that emotional response

A response to a particular activity that may have received a high amount of criticism, one would shy away from automatically.

A former student, Ted, wrote to me. He was thanking my service.

Taking time to have taught him that the pursuit of a doctorate degree would be in vain if he didn't also include a musical degree. He always wanted too but never had the support.

He then went on to explain that during our English Drama lessons he saw improvement in a skill he didn't know existed, and thus, the articles from the interview, gave him the extra confidence to pursue his musical passions as well in University. 

Does that seem counterproductive for being successful? 

“According to the 1968 memoir “The Double Helix” by Nobel Prize winner James Watson, for discovering DNA, there is a way to establish a process of progress called:

The Progress Principle:

The single most important things that can

boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday,

is making progress in meaningful work.

Everyday progress—even a small win—can change how you feel and perform.

You see, the reason is that joy is found in accomplishments and in situations where you may feel scared or afraid to fail.  Even a small win is considered progress.

We can then finally consider the possibility of changing and growing ourselves both physically and mentally.

This growth is a key factor for us humans to be able to strive and accomplish harder and more difficult tasks as we gain skills and knowledge of the subject.

Let us not become complacent, in order to escape the acceptance of mediocrity.

Mr. Jeff, you are like water that helps me see my goal clearer
— Former Performance Student

Setting goals + Contribute Time = Win Win

People may remember what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel and that story lives on for our human species for generations!

Winning inspires those who are willing to aspire for greater heights and possibilities.

According to this multiple peer review studies; the best predictor of career success

  • Avoided any closed-network communications
  • Connected inspired conversations about passions
  • Enjoyed being in an openly supportive network  

An interesting myth compares a meal in both Heaven and in Hell;

The feast has the same setting: a massive table covered with amazing succulent food.

However, the utensils are way too long and the people cannot eat with them.

Those in hell live in eternal anger and hunger as they can not fear themselves.

However, those in heaven, simply smile and use the long forks to feed each other.

Perspective is different for each person. How you deal with situations shows character and ultimately, over time your growth and change.  

4 Question + Find Your Win-Win Situation


1: What do you LOVE doing?

2: How will you PLAN doing it?

3: When will you PRACTICE it?

4: How did you LEARN from it?


Scientific data suggests that compassion is the intelligent path to process.

Let's remember that through our pursuit to:

  • Find what you love
  • Making a plan
  • Practicing those skills
  • Learning how to improve is IS A Win-Win Situation

POP Questions: Answer any or all

  1. What is your PURSUIT?

  2. What will you do to find what you love?

  3. How will it INSPIRE OTHERS?

  4. Why do you want TO ASPIRE PURPOSE!?!

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How To Establish Your Value Workflow + Kindness Propositions = Pride-less Performances by Jeff Anello

The value comes at a cost. So should the cost always translate into cash money?

Let's go back in time...

“I will give you 2 cow for your 1 goat”

"Let's make a Deal!”

Come to find out that the cows did not produce milk and now you are stuck with a bunch of steaks with no return policy.

That is still how businesses work, the people who have ingenuity will start a butcher shop and sell meat.

Business is still business, providing value, yet most of us focus only on the mighty dollar.

The ‘Cha-Ching” ring, the money symbols, the hope of financial security in our eyes may blind a potential relationship that would provide much more value, for your life and your business.

Focus on your value and the cash will begin to be exchanged.


Welcome To The Kindness Experiment + Swallowing My Pride.

I've recently been trying this kindness experiment, by swallowing my pride and providing my services of time, helping out my fellow neighbor.

It does not come naturally but this past Sunday, after the worship team completed a set and the “hello how ya do ya do’s?” are happening I felt compelled to speak to the bass player of the band.

It could have been easy for me to not inquire. Thinking pride-less and instead thinking kindness.

This gentleman has been so kind and helpful to my Mother for many years, I wanted to ask how he was doing, as part of the how ya do ya’s.

Instead of the routine chat, closed gesture moment and walk away, it seemed he wasn't doing very well. I felt compelled to kindly inquire more.

One thing leads to another and I offered my time and services to assist him in his cleaning business, on a case by case basis. He leaped at the opportunity!

Plus, why not?!?!

I do really enjoy cleaning ever since I was encouraged to buy a Dyson, a few years back, and he needed someone to provide that value personally and of course, I learn it professionally. 

But you know, every time I’ve decided to try helping out the more it has turned into a lucrative opportunity.

More stories to come about those fun journeys...

Below is more about how to Establish Your Workflow for Value Propositions.


It is never easy to make, start and even wrap your head around the plethora of new business ideas. It seems that the visions are always to tell ourselves we can do it, work harder and progress will follow soon enough.

As much as that is the motto to most of life's objectives these days it may not be the only way to move forward especially when talking about a passion, that could eventually be profitable.

If you are the type of person that knows they can provide a service and deliver great value to others but don't know how to move forward with building great client relationships….

This may just be the simple process to make clients, and eventually money, out of your services.

First, Next, Then, Last is a simple 4 step process to establish what service and value you can provide that will create a workflow for a value proposition.
— Jeff Anello

Here is How To Establish Your Value Workflow:


First = Establish Your Services by Providing Value

  • Decide 3 services and 3 sentences explaining value.
  • List 10 prominent people who need those services.

Next = Offer Your Service to Real Relationships

  • Contact the List to offer a FREE service
  • Create goodwill among potential clients.


Then = Make Your List of the Top 20 Friendly Few

  • Use contact lists to offer more valuable services for hire
  • Connect monthly to offer services from new contacts

Last = Schedule Future Opportunity Events

  • Confirm date and time of services agreed upon
  • Review, redo and revise answers acccordingly

Needs + Wants = Deliverables

Once you are able to establish their needs they will help connect you to other companies who want your deliverables.

Provide the services to that company which you have provided previously with professional confidence and clear goals in mind.

Below are few ways to get started on what to say so you can play!

Rather than just knowing about the skill you are providing, let's make others aware...

A: Kickstart any business model // idea + B: Create good favor between potential clients
= Bigger, grander, greater goals to be realized in the near future!

3 Usable email // call collaboration Scripts

I remember you needed this (service) and I believe I have someone that can help 
— Collaboration Email or Call Script Template #1

I am creating some free (service) (resources) that I’d love to share with you......would you be interested? 
— Collaboration Email or Call Script Template #2

I wanted to help you with (service) from (best time available), does that work for you? 
— Collaboration Email or Call Script Template #3


What act of kindness
could you do
to provide value

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