The POP Experiment // What is Your Passion Project ? // Chapter 1 / by Jeff Anello

Who are we?


We are

who we are.

Living within a world of unlimited choices + full autonomy of our lives
we are the choices we make!

We make choices based on the perceptions that _______.

A: Others expect from us. OR B: We decide.

If you chose letter B. CONGRATULATIONS!! Please Continue ————->

I am not trying to be condescending or even make light of your small win, but you see to be able to choose A or B, means you have a choice. Now…..Considering this thought do we not also have a choice to reinvent who we are or (at least the perception of who we are) if we choose to do so?

Answer yourself that question, YES or NO, then move on because…..

I believe we do

Life is a matter of

choice and perception.

Look, we all struggle with being typecast, told to fit inside society’s perception.The fundamental idea that there is a choice is something many people may never consider.

TA IMG_2679.jpg

This is who we are.

Time to Choose

Take Action + Live Passion

Firstly let me say THANK YOU for creating connections. Its great that we are able to connect here, through the interweb, where we don't need to travel to get valuable content and information that can potentially influence our lives and the lives of others tremendously…...but what is this all about, you?

This experiment is designed to help fearless passion seekers build social communication skills. That is what I needed to achieve any thing worth doing, because temptation creeps in when success is tasted. Pride goes before a fall, truth. By providing insightful solutions on how my journey effected me, my hope is that you can hear more and see connections with your personality.

That is why I enjoy collaborating with:

  • People who want to create productive habits

  • People who want to communicate better

  • People who want to live their passion

Know this: our birth place, family background, sexual preference, cultural influences, societal expectations and even favourite ice cream flavour, do not define who we are.

We are defined by the choices we make and who and why and what we choose to become.



What is passion?!?

  • Passion is defined as a burning desire for someone or something

  • Passion is the first thing that brings you joy when you wake up

  • Passion is the activities that excite your mind each and every time

Passion for you might be:

  • Quality Time with Family

  • Life Plan + Preparation

  • Bringing Others Joy

  • All of the above!

Passion is hard to find but once it is clear, your mission is to do it every day, every month, every year! We should focus on, plan for, organize about and perform actions on once we are able to clearly define it.

Passion for your self and passion for others is a win-win scenari-yo!

5 Ways to Build Your Passion Skills

1. Make a Passion Statement

In order to take the first step, toward living your passion, you need to define what you want to achieve?

Write down 3 sentences about what you do (at work or in life) and why you provide value doing it.

2. Establish the BIG goals

It is important to weigh the pro’s and con’s before you do the work.

This helps order what it will take to get to where you want to be so remember to always DREAM BIG and then scale down.

3. Build Your Confidence

If you enjoy doing it then take action and do it over and over and over again, to build skills with your passion.

You may love playing checkers but may not be particularly good at the game. That is just fine, it’s like wine, it takes time!

4. Negate the Negative

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that “You aren’t good enough” – NO ONE! Not even yourself!

If you are dedicated and enjoy doing something then stay positive and just DO IT!

5. The 50-50 Rule

Spend half of your “Free Time” working on your passion for your self and others.

So that you can get the joy of giving help to people in need and also provide your ego with enough food to grow while building confidence and relationships


We are an evolving organism and that means our wants and needs will change over time.

Realize that what you are passionate about today may not be the same as yesterday or tomorrow.

With this in mind, be sure to take the time you have to live your passionate about it because your time to live what you love is now!

I sure do hope these words resonate with you

If not, no worries, because it’s not the end of the story.

There is more journey, missions, challenges and moments to be written.

At the end of the day, you make the choice to start living to pursue your passion. That is the day that you enjoy the work, enjoy the research, enjoy others and live life at a level that few reach! Living a life with passion.

Passion is hard to define

but it’s simply put –

passion is what makes your heart smile
— Jeff Anello - The Anello

What is your passion?

“So, Jeff, what would you do if you were me right now?”

Now, get a journal or notepad  and be able to take notes, a pen, pencil is fine or ipad even an old school blackberry is cool too. It’s important that you have something to take notes on while you are in the mind state thinking of it.


Complete #1: Make Your Passion Statement!

Ex: I have passion for (what) and every time I talk with (who) I feel (how).

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