Do It To IT // Part 2 / by Jeff Anello

Do you feel like every day is mission impossible?

Do you see the vision yourself doing fun activities?

Do you just wish you could find the time to party?

If you answered yes, I know the feeling.

There is really nothing TO IT but to do TO IT what you do.


It seems that I have way too many passions!!

We did many free gigs, as part of our friendly period during the initial phase. Yet, its tough to not get paid.

Otherwise, events that would help us learn to connect with new people would have been a waste of time, money and energy as we learned from past projects.

Time to Meet our Haters

We know that people didn't like what we were doing, as the projects changed we lost the momentum of supporters and had to decide who was our new allies. Who to avoid.

Even surprising enemies that would test our energy and resolve to continue the current project.

This is when the POP Experiment Process was formed.

A practice process needed to occur that was simple and fast to make sure we could connect with the party people. Not as a band but as people.

So we could practice more time on what to do and not just what to play. We took time to pause and figure out how we could play at each event for the time we had to spend on the process.

Fortunately, the collaborators agreed to further the future of the process together.

So prove it! Time to clearly define what that is.

Is it truly important? Then take the next step of actions. For example,

  • Write a Bucket List of passions,

  • Start a Passion or Professional Pros and Cons Plan

  • Commit to Schedule and Finish One Goal

  • Celebrate a Win Each Day

Occasions, where you can find yourself doing what you love doing, are the opportunities that everyone dreams of when they are growing up.

However, it's not the only thing we must focus on, it's not the only thing that matters, love or not - we must be SMART!

There is a time in the future when you will without a doubt be able to say:

This what I love and this is what I want to do

Therein lies the problem.

Goals are great and passions are wonderful but if within that pursuit of a passion we tend to neglect everything else, was it worth it?

If you finally answered yes, then you now know the feeling. So you see, there really is nothing TO IT but to do TO IT what you do.


Take Twenty

Take out 20- 120 minutes of the day, and get away.

Over Drive

Make more time once you start to build sustainable momentum.

Invest in Yourself

Financially and physically now with a clear direction and purpose

Team Work

Knowledge is power so speed up the process together

Taking Time to Pause

Suggest to get away and figure your purpose. There must be an understanding that although we may not want to do something, because it's not something we enjoy or love doing, it must be done if it is a necessity of life.

OverDriven but not OverWorked

For our morning chores we woudl make sure to get in fit shape and mentally ready to start the task at hand. Started reading books like a club for Getting Things Done to get thigns done.

Invest in the Vote of Confidence

You must mentally shift your passion and be careful of being overly passionate. Read books and listen to the uplifting material to mentally stay ahead of the game and all else will follow.

Team Up and Work Together

Found many professionals and passionate people that are like-minded, read and watch the same, and feed off the momentum of positive returns.

You are only one person and you may also know that it is difficult to do these task as an individual, without a team. 

Let's collaborate and help each other, ready to DO IT TO IT together?!?


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