The POP Experiment // Prepare Your Passion Statement // Chapter 3 / by Jeff Anello

Have you made your “Passion Statement” yet?

A Passion Statement is a three-four sentence summary of what you love about your work, expressed in keywords and phrases that HR and managers will recognise.

So….what is your passion statement?

The 4 Sentences needed to
Build Your Personal Passion Statement

Complete the following sentences in your journal by filling in the (spaces) with the correct passions that match your passion personality values.

1. I provide (what service) to (who) by (how).

2. I have passion for (what) and every time I talk with (who) i feel (how).

3. I help (types of people) do (solve a problem) by (how you do it).

4. I love connecting with (who) doing (activity) by (where and how).

STYLE TIPS - Refer to the above activity with verbs to answer

NOW, make an audio recording saying each sentence. Listen back to believe them as truth!

People who are great at what they love to do will prevail with knowledge to educate the next generation in the skills needed to survive and thrive together.

Build your skills around your passion by learning from others. Start a petition, donate your time or money to a cause, spend 2 hours a week on the project you've always wanted to finish.

Since these objectives: passions, helping and connecting, are now clearly defined we need to shift the focus on taking action to create a job that you enjoy and an environment you love


You have successfully completed
building your passion statement

Well done, let’s move on !

Making a Passion Statement is a
Win-Win Situation

Take action on your passions

to pursue purpose and progress.

Passion for yourself and passion for others - but how can we do that?

Live half of your life for you and half for others so that you can get the joy of giving help to people in need and also provide your ego with enough food to grow all the while building confidence and relationships. But do we live our passions and do we let it show ?

With the internet so easily accessible and at the tip of our fingers do we focus on what we really enjoy? With all the work and exams and preparation needed to survive this centuries lifestyle do we even take the time to realize what our passion truly is?

However does it seem that we are becoming even more sad, depressed, numb, zombies that aren't going to do anything we enjoy in life? I sure hope - not!

Even though these words may or may not relate to you, it's not the end of the story. There is more to be written and the day that you connect to your passion is the day that you enjoy the work, enjoy the research, enjoy others and live life at a level that few reach!

Passion is hard to define but simply put -

passion is what makes your heart smile”

Find life’s purpose, in order to share it with others, for the sake of humanity's progress.

You are the ugly duckling - always in search for acceptance, a purpose, a passion but it's with in the journey and actions we take that make us exceptional. It's time to make a change for yourself, others and the course of human history. It’s time to make a statement with our passion.


What is your Passion Statement?

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