How to Perform Your POP Experiment Party Like a Professional / by Jeff Anello

Wish to be at the premiere party of a successful artist, band or celebrity?!?
Want to learn how to party like the rock star you are and still be a productive partier!?!

However, for many of us, this party process can be overwhelming and sadly the dream of making it to the BIG night may end well before the ideas even begin.

This is where together we will make your party POP !! 


Part People + Part Authentic Music = Life

It was around 6 pm and there I was standing on stage, waiting for the night of the big party, the Next to Me EP release event. Months of planning and we were finally really making it happen! 

It was the beginning of the set. I held a sweaty mic in my hand, the vibrations of music engulfing the massive stage, and there I was realizing it was time to engage with this excited audience.

It was not time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, not for me anyway. For me, it was time to put on a show for everyone attending.

Suddenly, my brain snapped back to the moment my body was experiencing.

There I was rocking out on stage with LIVE music with awesome people.

Yet, how we arrived at that moment is a very different story for another time, here is the brief:

In 2015, My indie band project, The Anello was awarded Hong Kong's Best Local + Hottest Band Kicked-off Hong Kong's BIGGEST music festival and even presented a talk at TEDx .

That is all to say that it wouldn't be possible with out the music. That is where it all begins.

Perform Your POP Experiment Party

So while we’ve done a lot of cool things, the path to success didn't start out so remarkably.

It took work to get to this stage.

From being able to establish what people want. What makes them feel powerful. Part of a place where life stops and pauses a big so you can play just a little while longer.  

So how did we do it?

The 9 Strategies to

Create Your POP Experiment Party!

1. Make a Passion Statement

  • What is your Mission, Vision and Passion for this party?

  • Establish the goals to understand what it will take to where you want to be.

2. Establish Communication and Collaboration

  • Know who, where, when, why and how you want to work with and don't want to work with.

  • Communication is highly effective when you focus on your passion statement.

  • If something is not working toward your goals just say “NO” and let them go!

3. Make Music Moments!

  • If you have music recorded them make sure to perform it, if not use The Anello.

  • Promote you or your friends Album Release to get the word out that you have a party!

  • Design music curation for your party, suggested selections for your authentic audience.

4. Create Your POP Presentation

  • Before any big night, practice, prepare and then perform.

  • Know the deliverables are for the event ex: tech rider, staff communication, sound system requirement, payment - anything that doesn't work, don’t do it!

  • You want to make sure you are putting on an amazing performance.

5. Make Videos and Photos

  • The key here is to create memories and moments so have a video of the event, photos of friends and use the band's best song with visuals that people can understand you party.

  • Take the advice from others who have also planned parties, if they like it then use it!

6. Connect and Contact

  • Contact EVERYONE including friends, family, venues, press, and of course the partiers.

  • Show and tell what to expect: who is performing, posting information on the party and letting them know how they can help you to make it happen!

  • Keep a documented emails and contact info, along with notes of people, who respond to your music so that you can also establish VIP’s and re-contact people who care.

7. Present to Press Publications for Promotions

  • Now that you have your venue, music, your music video, contacts who care, and of course your mission in mind, it's time to tell everyone!

  • If anyone likes it they will share your material, if they don't that is fine, don't get discouraged, keep pressing on and making your moments matter. 

8. Submit the Work

  • It's time to submit all materials you have created and information you have gathered from contacts and press to the party people.

  • If all is suitable you will be considered in the top percentage of events that make the cut to be unforgettable.

9. Work of Mouth

  • This is the hardest, yet a most imperative tool to have available.

  • Now that you have done all the hard work and submitted the materials, you need people to “go to bat” for you, to talk about your music with positive affirmations.

  • It is vital to contact your VIP’s and any fans you have made to spread the word about your band, music, projects to anyone who they think could help get you in.

Now, remember each situation is different and although many of these steps may seem obvious the key here is to establish momentum.

It may take months or years to prepare and perform to the festival's standards but don't worry because this process also builds positive momentum for your band.

It is hard to take momentum and bottle it up so instead keep focusing on the next action necessary to live your dreams and succeed on your mission.


  1. “What is my mission?”
  2. “What am I doing in life right now that is progressing my mission?”
  3. “What is the future going to look like?” 
  4. “What is my plan to make this process easier and easier?”

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