DO IT TO IT // PART 1 / by Jeff Anello

Instead of accepting my impending doom

like an elephant who is chained to a pole stuck in the ground,

which they can easily rip out and run free,

I accepted that the outcome of feeling stuck and focused on a more practical path,

To be an electrician + own a business one day was my plan! 

However, that decision was based

on skills, that make money.....

but it wasn't my passion,

it wasn't my love, it wasn't me.


It was the summer before the last year of high school.

It was such an exciting time for everyone, talking about the future. Decisions on which university to attend were being made.

Also, which career path to take and even what car they will get to drive that year. It was an exciting time for everyone but me.

Scared? Absolutely, well because I wasn't going to graduate high school.

I had failed my Junior year of English Lessons. The pre-requisite course in order to graduate.

And on top of that my School Advisor mentioned that I needed 22-course hours, in one year mind you, to do it!

That was incredibly difficult for a student like me.

See I was lazy, or I enjoyed being lazy.

I always was able to excel in subjects that I had a passion for such as arts and PE, but that was my reality, an eventual high school dropout.

Do What? Your Passion ! 

Remember is no right or wrong direction, only the one that you are compelled to follow.

These tips are a guide to help fuel passion. But nothing will happen unless you DO IT TO IT !!



What you want, love, and have a passion for


Potential outcomes and options concerning your passions


Read and research, talk to people, pro/con list, future possibilities

Take Action

Let your heart lead with your talents and abilities

Just know now, that accepting this and what seemed too daunting to tackle is anxious.

Together we can take these small steps to clearly define what future is in your mind.

Sure didn't forget about the ending of the phrase. So read about TO IT, in the next blog. 

Deciding Instead

Enrolling in a boarding school to focus on my studies.

Only you can decide these answers but putting your best foot forward and establishing what success looks like for you then you can clearly move forward with your team on a successful mission.

Organized Plan

Achieving goals such as…

  • Passed all the required Junior and Senior level English and Maths

  • Honor Roll and Dean's list in BOTH semesters

  • Found my passion in theatre

The influences and situations, I placed myself in that year.  It ultimately leads me to who I am today.

Investigate Fellow Passion Seekers

Finding many mentors along the way that helped me become a professional musician.

Take Action on Your Passions

Do you have anyone you want to work with?

Or anyone you know to find success in passions Together?

Then please share this article with them because as we all know life gets harder and harder and dreams grow bigger and bigger so if you practice the process the success will happen!


What is your passion and what are you planning to be professional someday?

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