The POP Experiment // E-book

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The POP Experiment // E-book

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This book is designed to help?

This mini-guide is designed to help fearless passion seekers build social communication skills by providing insightful solutions on how to connect using your personality.

  • People who want to create productive habits

  • People who want to communicate better

  • People who want to live their passion

What we will focus on in this book?

Tips on Life, Style, Media + Business from a professional performer, TED Talker, speaker and performance consultant Jeff Anello, of the international award winning indie band, The Anello.

What is the scope of this book?

The aim is to provide support and practical practice tips, using personal experiences, mentor notes of the professional performance world, and interactive experiments to challenge you to fight fear and live your passion.

How does one make good use of this book?

Question everything and try anything. Oh, and do the experiments with a friend.